Analysts and decision-makers enhance their strategic, economic and environmental assessments with near real-time signals.

Solving real-world challenges through actionable geospatial intelligence

Important decisions are too often taken based on delayed, incomplete or biased information. Aerospacelab's signals blend artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies with satellite data and other sources, to bring transparency and empower improved decision-making. We generate actionable insights to tackle challenges faced by a wide range of industries. We help customers take evidence-based decisions, and better untangle economic, strategic and environmental conditions in times of uncertainty, and beyond.

We bring Geospatial solutions to your sectorial expertise. Whether you are an asset manager, equity analyst, commodity trader, commodity producer, security analyst, policy maker, researcher or defense and security expert, we strive to answer the questions that matter to you.

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Clear dashboards

Monitor thousands of locations of interest across various indicators to acquire the insights that matter to your activities, ahead of times. Enhance your business through the power of geospatial intelligence.
Access the information immediately.

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Economic signals

Providing analysts with reliable data and signals on the pulse of global and local economies, in near real-time. Insights on supply, demand and trade, both from macro-economic and micro-economic standpoints.

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Strategic insights

Designed for governmental entities and defense analysts, strategic insights cover aspects such as threat identification, strategic infrastructure monitoring or operational situational awareness.

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Environmental indicators

Designed for governmental entities, NGOs or investors mindful of sustainability, environmental indicators provide solutions to challenges such as disaster management, oil spills detection, illegal deforestation, air quality or sustainable investment.

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Aerospacelab's Economic Intelligence solutions provide analysts with signals on the pulse of global and local economies in close to real-time, by monitoring Supply, Demand and Trade indicators.

We bring you our geospatial expertise, and we benefit from your sectoral knowledge to develop impactful solutions.

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