Addressing food production and distribution challenges globally

Enhancing forecasts and optimizing food production

Agriculture presents crucial challenges. As the world's population keeps increasing, food production and distribution requires more and more efficiency.

Agriculture has however evolved tremendously over recent years, with the emergence of innovative technologies and applications. Aerospacelab is committed to improving soft commodity production, distribution, yield forecasts, and sustainable practices to ensure future food security globally.


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Crop identification

Identification and surface estimation for any given crop type from satellite data. Providing insights on production of different natures and enhancing forecast models for any region.

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Yield forecasts

Supporting improved yields forecasts across regions and crop types. Empowering commodity producers’ and traders’ decisions in close to real-time.

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Yield optimization

Providing insights to producers on crop health, stress levels and irrigation needs, to enable yield optimization.

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Natural disaster assessment

Natural events such as floods or wildfires often disrupt food production, storage and distribution. Satellite-derived insights enable real-time assessment of consequences and improved crisis management.

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