Empowering improved decision-making in critical energy markets

Monitoring energy supply chains through satellite data

World economic activity and energy commodities are strongly tied. Economic growth is accompanied by an increase in energy demand. Conversely, a shrinking energy demand signals an economic contraction. In particular, oil, gas, and coal supplies directly impact throughput in other sectors such as transportation and industrial productions worldwide. Energy supply chains are indeed complex by nature and in their geographical distribution.

Geospatial intelligence offers a means of bringing transparency and empowering improved decision-making. Monitoring activities and inventory levels at hundreds of individual locations (including terminals, refineries, storage facilities and commodity ports), enables generating valuable insights on future supply of crude and refined energy products globally.


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Inventory levels

Inventory level estimates provided in close to real-time at hundreds of locations worldwide to better inform trade and business decisions.

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Facility monitoring

Alerts on unusual activities and disruptions, such as changes in storage areas, refinery thermal analysis, or parking lot occupancy, that might impact your activities.

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Monitoring of dedicated commodity ports and energy shipping high-traffic areas to provide insights on trade flows from typical supply to demand regions.

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Industrial watch

Insights on the progress and status of upcoming sites of interest to your activities.

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Energy demand

Monitoring parking lots occupancy and strategic high throughput locations can support insights on demand for energy products.

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