Empowering sustainable decision-making across industries

Monitoring the environmental impacts of a wide range of activities

Satellite systems provide some of the most valuable solutions in monitoring our environment and its changes. From space, it becomes possible to analyze processes occurring in short or long time-frames, and at small or large physical scales.

Such observations, however, need to be translated into actionable insights to facilitate sustainable decision-making. To date, the space industry has only scratched the surface of the full potential of geospatial intelligence for addressing our most pressing environmental challenges.

Aerospacelab is committed in generating and providing environmental intelligence to relevant stakeholders, both public and private. This includes the monitoring of natural disasters and related damage assessments, changes in land cover (including forests, fields, lakes, and coastlines), and detection of pollution and gas emissions.

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Changes in land cover

Monitoring land cover changes through time offers insights on forest conservation, illegal activities, extension of built areas, water conservation and many other topics.

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Natural disaster

Monitoring the evolution of catastrophic events such as floods and wildfires in close to real-time, allows for the provision of operational and damage insights to relevant authorities.

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Gas and pollution monitoring

Monitoring air quality (including greenhouse gas emissions from industrial sites and/or densely populated areas) and detecting polluting events such as oil spills.

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Environmental social governance

Monitoring the environmental impact of company activities and industrial sites. Providing crucial information to relevant authorities to address climate change.

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