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Monitoring supply, demand and trade - Detecting disruptions

To inform investment strategies, analysts and investors rely on various data sources, which may suffer from at least two important insufficiencies :
- Official financial reports are typically published on a quarterly basis, thus with a significant time lag with regards to production.
- Absence of official data and transparency for certain regional markets.

Satellite-based intelligence addresses both timeliness and opacity challenges, enabling analysts and investors to access more comprehensive information ahead of competition.

Geospatial Intelligence provides customers with insights on the pulse of global and local economies in close to real-time, by monitoring hundreds of strategic locations (e.g. manufacturing sites, shipping ports, airports and parking lots). We generate evidence-based insights to better untangle the economic situation in various sectors in times of uncertainty. And beyond.

Systematically monitoring supply, demand and trade

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Supply indicators

Monitoring raw materials (e.g. copper, aluminum, iron), intermediate product (e.g. steel, refined copper), manufactured product (e.g. automotive) and energy product (e.g. oil, natural gas) inventory levels.

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Trade indicators

Monitoring trade through shipping (ship counting at strategic locations) and ports activity (inventory levels).

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Demand indicators

Monitoring parking lots occupancy (e.g. retails, malls, amusement parks) and airport activity as indicators of economic demand.

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Modelling companies and groups performance through asset monitoring and alerts on production disruptions.

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Monitoring the environmental impact of companies’ activities and industrial sites.

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