Supporting insurers’ efficiency through automation

Gain time and efficiency in insurance processes

To develop contracts and assess risks, insurance providers require data, notably with regards to property location, surfaces, built areas and other features.

To access such information, insurers traditionally rely on customers themselves. These processes are time-consuming, and contracts are further complicated by changes in property features.

These challenges can be addressed by geospatial intelligence, supported by refreshed satellite imagery. Aerospacelab extracts information and insights that are valuable to insurance companies. This includes pre-filling insurance contracts, identifying risks, and detecting changes in zones of interest.


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Pre-filling contracts

Based on an address, it is possible to analyze a property and identify any features relevant to contracts pre-filling and risk assessment.

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Detect changes

Monitoring areas of interest and identifying changes that matter.

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Damage assessment

Following natural or other disasters, geospatial technologies provide precise tools to model and assess damage.

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