Supporting insurers’ efficiency through automation

Gain time and efficiency in insurance processes

Low accuracy and time-consuming risk assessments lead to business losses. To conduct your activities more accurately and efficiently, trust-worthy information is required.
Insurers traditionally rely on customers’ inputs to fill subscriptions and calculate claims. Information sources are scarce, delayed, and not always reliable, making it challenging to detect frauds and prevent losses.

Satellite data provides unbiased information, helping you tackling these issues. By leveraging satellites data and land registries with artificial intelligence, Aerospacelab provides solutions at scale over your areas of interest. This includes the automated pre-filling of contracts, risk identification, and change detection in real-time.


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Subscription: automatic pre-filling

Aerospacelab’s dashboard allows for contract pre-filling and visualization of various features used for premiums’ calculation.

This includes automated analysis of surfaces, built areas, common walls, detection of swimming pools, solar panels, and others.

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Claims and damage assessments

Based on change detection algorithms, Aerospacelab delivers near-real time damage assessment, supporting you in managing claims.

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New market opportunities

Aerospacelab develops tools to detect risks ahead of time, helping you identifying potential new markets.

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