Empowering improved decision-making in critical metals markets

Monitoring metals supply chains through satellite data

The supply of raw and intermediate metals products is of high strategic importance in the globalized world economy. It constitutes a crucial building block for construction and manufacturing industries globally. Metals supply chains are however complex by nature and in their geographical distribution.

Aggregated data on metals' mining and transformation are typically provided on a quarterly basis, and with a significant time lag. Insights into these crucial markets may therefore not be up to date nor fully transparent.

Geospatial intelligence provides valuable solutions in monitoring metals markets in close to real-time. It brings transparency and empowers better decision-making. By monitoring operational activities and inventory levels at hundreds of locations, Aerospacelab generates valuable insights on future supply of raw and processed metals globally. Locations include mines, smelters, refineries, storage facilities and commodity ports


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Inventory levels

Inventory levels estimates (including aluminum, copper, iron and steel) in close to real-time at hundreds of locations worldwide, for primary and intermediate products.

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Facility monitoring

Alerts on unusual activities and disruptions, such as changes in storage areas, plant thermal analysis, or employee parking lot occupancy.

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Monitoring of dedicated commodity ports and freight stations, and providing insights on trade flows from typical supply to demand regions.

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Industrial watch

Provision of insights on the progress and status of your activities’ sites of interest.

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