Empowering strategic and operational decision-making

Actionable, responsive and secured insights on your area of interest

Satellite-based intelligence has traditionally been used for defense and security purposes. However, conventional workflows rely on human analysts to make sense of satellite imagery and to draw conclusions. Such methodology puts the emphasis on expertise, but is often time-consuming, labor-intensive, repetitive, and goes against the responsiveness required for most ground operations.

Innovative services open new opportunities for defense and security actors, by harnessing the advantages of artificial intelligence and machine learning to generate more responsive and actionable insights.

Geospatial Intelligence enables applications including threat identification, anomaly detection, border control, support to policy, support to operations, and critical infrastructure monitoring. Solutions can be deployed on customers' own proprietary datasets or on external ones. Additionally, solutions will soon be further empowered by proprietary high resolution and high frequency imagery.


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Object detection

Detecting and localizing any object of interest in data sets based on customer input. Identify threats and be alerted of any atypical detections.

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Situational awareness

Empowering a better understanding of your area of interest through automated recognition of various features – including land cover, network and specific infrastructure.

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Change detection

Detecting specific changes in your area of interest to better comprehend processes at play. Through detection of unusual changes, we monitor assets and locations that are strategic to your activities.

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