Trade flows

Empowering analysts with insights on flows of goods and people globally

Monitoring ports, airports, road traffic and strategic locations

According to the International Chamber of Shipping, the international shipping industry is responsible for the carriage of roughly 90% of world trade. Shipping is therefore a strong indicator for global trade, which in turn is representative of global economic activity.

Transportation of goods links global supply to demand. Effective monitoring of such activities is therefore of interest to many stakeholders. The assessment of air and road travel can provide insights on demand (such as energy products) and economic activity (in the context of Covid-19 pandemic recovery).

Geospatial intelligence offers unmatched opportunities to accurately model the fluxes of goods and people across the globe in close to real-time. Monitoring activities in hundreds of ports, airports, and strategic locations provides analysts and decision makers with an accurate, timely and holistic view of international flows.


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Manufactured products throughput

Ports are characterized by large storage zones for manufactured products or containerized goods. Monitoring ports holding areas offers an opportunity to gain insights on products inventory levels over time.

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Hard commodities throughput

Dedicated ports can be characterized by large storage zones for hard commodities, such as iron ore or copper. Monitoring such areas generates insights on inventory levels over time.

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Energy commodities throughput

Monitoring large storage zones for crude and refined energy commodities offers insights on inventory levels over time.

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Airport activity monitoring

Detecting planes parked on conventional and unconventional zones, across hundreds of airports, provides insights on air traffic and alerts on unusual activity.

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Traffic monitoring

Assessing truck traffic provides signals on road freight. Assessing parking lots occupancy in your region of interest generates signals on mobility, economic demand and retailers’ performance.

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