Satellite platforms, components, and end-to-end space solutions. Your optimized and cost-efficient way to space.

Satellite platforms, components, and end-to-end solutions

Launch costs are going down drastically, which relaxes mass constraints faced by commercial satellite operators. Following past years' excitement for cubesats, companies will gradually allow themselves to no longer sacrifice performance for mass constraints.

Aerospacelab offers high performance satellite platforms, up to 150kg, for a pricing comparable to current 12U cubesats. Leveraging investments already made for our own constellation's deployment, we have the capacity to design, manufacture, integrate and test 24 platforms a year with unmatched performance-to-cost ratio. Platforms can accommodate various payload types, fulfilling demand from Institutional and Commercial actors.

We go beyond hardware. We offer end-to-end turnkey space solutions.

Versatile Satellite Platform

  • Mass

    Up to 150kg

  • Payload accommodation

    Upon request

  • Lead time & pricing

    Upon request

  • Typical application

    Platforms optimized for IODs and full constellations in LEO, with a lifetime of 5+ years

Expertise fields

End-to-end solutions

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End-to-end solutions

Aerospacelab developed an expertise covering all mission aspects. This expertise is at your service every step of the way, from design to operations.

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From the ground up, we design hardware and space missions, accommodating deadlines, budgets, and technical specifications.

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Manufacturing and Integration

Thanks to its team, facilities and equipment, Aerospacelab possesses all the right tools to fully manufacture, test and integrate satellite systems on site.

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Ground Segment and Operations

Developing ground segment solutions to support all aspects of satellite operations and efficient data downlink.

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Engineering Services

Aerospacelab’s expertise can be made available to our customers through custom services.

Internal capabilities

Aerospacelab's facilities cover needs for satellite platforms up to 150kg. They feature clean rooms satisfying three cleanliness levels: ISO 5, 7 and 9 as well as environmental test equipment: Thermal Chambers, Thermal Vacuum Chambers, and Vibration Testing equipment.

Aerospacelab commissions a first of its kind European satellite assembly line.

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